The scent of coffee

The origin of coffee it almost certainly dates back to the Middle Ages, around the 10th or 15th century, but with possible previous uses.
The tree of Coffea is originally from the ancient province of Kefa located in Southwestern Ethiopia.
One of the main legends handed down for generations tells of an Abyssinian shepherd who noticed the invigorating effect of the shrub on his flock of goats that grazed nearby.
Cultivation spread to the Arabian Peninsula thanks also to the ban on the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
In the sixteenth century it had already reached the rest of the Middle East, North Africa, Persia, the Horn of Africa and southern India, with the Ottoman Empire it then spread to the Balkans and the rest of the European continent, Southeast Asia and the Americas.
Its rarity made it very expensive in Europe at least until the first third of the 18th century.
World production rose from 100,000 tons in 1825 to 8.9 million in 2013, becoming one of the most traded products in the world!

City of Naples, Italy

Coffee in Naples is a ritual and represents a real cult, coffee spread in the Neapolitan city thanks to Maria Carolina D’Asburgo, daughter of Maria Theresa, who married King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon in 1768.
The very young queen wanted to introduce Viennese habits and customs at court, enhancing the use of coffee.
To appreciate its taste, intense aroma and creamy appearance, it should be drunk "strictly" in a thick white ceramic cup without internal decorations.

But let's focus on the intense aroma of coffee in the morning that gives Neapolitans, and not only, the right boost in the morning!
To continue to give this positive sensation, we have created our new coffee essence for him and for her.
Our "Coffee perfume for Love" brings together all the essence of coffee in a 50ml or 15ml format.


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